Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) is fast becoming the destination spot of Southern California, now encompassing not only sports and events but fashion, the arts, restaurants, nightclubs and theaters. Multiple venues and new residents are rapidly coming together to form a strong community base, promoting (among other things) a safe and inviting hospitality habitat.

RADD has joined with state government agencies, retailers, residents and celebrities alike to speak out about awareness of road safety on our downtown streets and freeways. Working together, we're promoting RADD's real-world solutions — designated drivers, taxi rides, public transportation and responsibility behind the wheel — and rewarding responsible behavior on and off the road.

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What is RADD?

RADD, The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety, is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that empowers celebrities, media partners, businesses and enlightened supporters to create positive attitudes about road safety. Founded in 1986, RADD advocates the use of designated drivers, seatbelts, and safe driving through control behind the wheel, making responsible behavior the norm. RADD‘s messages are non-judgmental, hip and positive. Best known for “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk,” RADD is a proud two-time recipient of the U.S. Department of Transportation's prestigious Public Service Award.

Why are we in DTLA?

Downtown Los Angeles is far more than just a few contiguous zip codes surrounded by freeway off- and on-ramps. DTLA has the largest number of new liquor license applications in the area. This makes it the perfect test bed for new ideas and policies concerning how the hospitality industry and the residential community will work toward a mutually beneficial coexistence.

Who is with us?

More than 35 of DTLA’s top ranked restaurants and nightclubs currently participate in the program. For a list of the participating venues, click “members” above or download a map with their locations.

When do we start?

The official start date of the program is June 10, 2010, but many of the clubs will have their programs in effect in advance of the official launch date.